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Dance Gallery Studio Guidelines for Pointe Class

It is normal for students to feel eager to begin pointe work. Pointe work is a vital component in the development of becoming a professional dancer. The growth and development of each student must be taken into consideration before allowing that child to begin pointe work. Due to this, admission to pointe class is by instructor permission only.

The following guidelines were developed by researching dance medicine literature sources, that assess the young dancers anatomical/structural readiness as well as child psychology elements that should be taken into consideration.

· The student should have optimal control of the muscles in her foot (working "through her feet", ¾ point established and stabilized)
· She must be able to control and stabilize the ankle joint in a variety of positions (turned out and parallel in 1st, 2nd, 4th, and 5th positions)
· Have developed and being able to recruit her leg muscles (ad/abductors, hamstrings, quadriceps and hip flexor muscles as well as having a good understanding of her turnout range)
· Have a strong core (abdominal and back muscles)
· Have good alignment at the barre (no "popping ribcage", hyper extended lower back, tucked pelvis, etc.)

There are many potential dangers to a child that is prematurely placed on pointe. These may include psychological and physical problems. The student may have difficulty developing her ballet technique if she is struggling on pointe. She may feel discouraged with her inability to properly execute the requested movements. Physical problems may result due to the stresses on the legs, pelvis, and trunk.

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